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About Us

Liaoning Focus Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in measurement and control technology and engineering design and construction of turnkey high-tech enterprises .Companies from experienced professionals in the industry structure, relying on a solid scientifi...[read more]

·Two-phase flow and [2014-02-26]

2 PhD doctoral dissertation research directions for boiling heat tran...

·Intelligent Fluid [2014-02-26]

Dr. two doctorate or PhD in 2014 will graduate, irrespective of age, ...

Wear solid-liquid conveying mater...

[SUM]Wear solid-liquid conv......2014/02/26

Measuring mass flow rate informat...

[SUM]Measuring mass flow ra......2014/02/26

Quality measurement of gas-solid ...

[SUM]Quality measurement of......2014/02/26

Best shape and mathematical model...

[SUM]Best shape and mathema......2014/02/26

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