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Fluid Person Column

Ernst Mach

Ernst Mach (Ernst Mach, 1838 ~ 1916), the Austrian physicist and philosopher, psychologist, biologist, February 18, 1838 Born in Childress Stiglitz. When studying the gas Mach speed of moving objects, discovered shock. Matter to determine the ratio of Mach speed and the speed of sound (ie, Mach) as a standard to describe objects supersonic motion in mechanics made a historic contribution. In philosophy, Mach is a logical positivist, and proposed empiricism.


Stokes (George GabrielStokes), English mathematician, physicist. August 13, 1819 Born in a small town in Ireland, February 1, 1903 6 died in Cambridge, England.

Stokes is the smallest of six siblings, grew very educated. His father was a man of knowledge, focusing on broadening children's knowledge, so as to teach them to learn Latin. In 1832, Stokes entered are analyzed forest school. During the study, his father died of illness, he can sojourn in his uncle's home, but did not like the other kids boarding, because the family has been able to afford his living expenses.

In 1835, 16-year-old Stokes came to England to study at Bristol College. 1837-1841, in Pembroke (Pembroke) Academy, graduated with outstanding achievements in mathematics Smith won a scholarship (he was the first person to get this scholarship). Since then, he started studying the working fluid dynamics under someone else's guidance. During 1842 to 1843 Stokes delivered a speech entitled "incompressible fluid motion," the papers. Making him one of the most important turning point in the report is perhaps mathematicians' research on fluid dynamics "of 1846 he made. In 1849, Stokes was appointed as professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, Cambridge University Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the same time get seats (Lucasian Chair of Mathematics), and served as Lucasian professor for 50 years, in 1851 was elected member of the Royal Society , in 1854 was elected to the Royal Society working in 1852 for the Royal will Rumford Prize. From 1854 to 1885, he has served as secretary of the Royal Society. This period of 1857 he married the daughter of an astronomer. 1886-1890 was elected President of the Royal Society, and in 1886 was elected president of the Victoria College until 1903 died. Stokes is a successor after the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics I. Newton seats, secretary of the Royal Society, president of the Royal Society of these three positions the second person.

Stokes study is based on the previous generation of research scientists at Cambridge University, and has an important influence on his scientists, including Lagrange, Laplace, Fourier, Poisson and Cauchy, et al.


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