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State Key Laboratory of aerodynamic established

China news agency, Chengdu, July 23 - The only National Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics at the 23rd China Aerodynamics Research Base in Sichuan Mianyang officially inaugurated, for large aircraft, a new generation of trains, wind turbines and other countries development of major projects to provide technical support and to promote basic research aerodynamics China, providing an important guarantee for the country's economic and social development and national security strategy.

Chinese Vice Minister of the State Key Laboratory of Ministry of Science and Technology Cao Jianlin dynamics awarding to the newly established air, he said, is an important foundation to support the aerodynamics aerospace industry and national security strategy, China's construction of the rapid development of the current aerodynamic increasingly strong strategic needs. State Key Laboratory established air dynamics, is an important measure to strengthen national Infrastructure of technology. Laboratory research base building aerodynamics aerodynamic relying take full advantage of aerodynamic research base personnel, equipment, technology, information, results, and other advantages of resources to provide a first-class scientific research and academic exchange platform conducive for aerodynamic basic science, frontier key issue for long-term, systematic and in-depth research to achieve greater breakthroughs.

State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics, responsible person, the lab will give full play to the unique advantages of its open sharing, attract the best talent and resources, China's leading technology research in the field of aerodynamics, staring at the forefront of the development of the world's aerodynamics and China aerospace technology development needs, focus on technology research aerodynamic noise, drag reduction technology and other aspects of the freezing mechanism to large aircraft development as the core, major projects for the country's large aircraft, a new generation of trains, wind turbines, high-speed rail aerodynamic efficiency and key issues involved in the use of wind energy to provide technical support to build high-precision mechanism for the study of complex flow problems, high efficiency, high reliability of the numerical simulation research platform.

It is learned that a long time, Mianyang aerodynamic research base relying on Asia's largest wind tunnel group and China's most advanced wind tunnel test research techniques, and vigorously promote the aerodynamics and other interdisciplinary penetration and build a scientific and rational system of basic theory of aerodynamics , State Key Laboratory of air dynamics established to complete a lot of technical reserves. The base of the majority of the field of scientific and technical personnel committed to addressing the constraints Chinese aerospace, ground transportation, wind energy development and utilization of the bottleneck problems, computational aerodynamics and aircraft flow mechanism around, low-speed aerodynamics and aerodynamic large national key technology infrastructure platform and intensive research, has developed hundreds of wind tunnel testing of new technologies, to include "Jian Shi" fighters, developed a number of key aircraft "Shenzhou" spacecraft, such as the capture of thousands of technical problems, the formation of a large number of international advanced level The major research achievements

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